About Lucky Palm Beach

Lucky Shiller, the CEO and founder of Lucky Palm Beach, was born in Quebec, Canada. Lucky is bilingual, speaking French and English and comes from Russian and Polish decent. Lucky was married at the age of 20, and has four beautiful children. Lucky worked in fashion, helping women with the latest trends in makeup and clothing. She also modeled and did trunk shows and makeup events, in between taking care of her children and husband. In 2009, with her children grown, successful and independent, Lucky moved to Miami and began selling several lines of cosmetics. After much success, Lucky realized it was time to create her own cosmetics line. Lucky decided to collaborate with her sister Pamela, a chemist, who had always wanted to expand into beauty. Pamela focuses on the company's daily operations. The company is headquartered on famous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach because Lucky has always had a love for Palm Beach and has spent many years there.

Lucky's first line, Sofia by Lucky, is named in honor of her mother, Anita Sofia.  This glamorous cosmetic line combines matte, shimmer, glitter and glossy textures in products that enhance a woman's natural beauty.

Lucky chose to name the line after her mother, as a way of saying thank you for being so devoted to her three children and husband. Lucky always saw her mom as an American beauty with gorgeous, Russian high cheekbones.

Makeup According to Lucky

Makeup has always been something that I would play with and try on, starting at a very young age. My family knew I had an obsession and knew I would one day do something in the world of beauty. It was obvious at five years old, when I would run around the house making everyone smell perfume bottles and soaps and look at lipstick colors. Beauty was a fixation, in my blood and I had no choice but to dive in. The way I see it, every woman is born with natural beauty, but good makeup enhances her beauty, adding the finishing touches. I compare makeup to high heels. Without high heels, we are women, but with them we are more confident, feel more sexy and powerful. It's the same with makeup. We just feel so much better about ourselves, even if it's just a touch of lip gloss or a little blush.

I am so grateful to be able to share makeup secrets, looks, designs and colors with my clients. I am extremely picky about what goes into the makeup. If I wouldn't use it on my skin, I can't sell it to clients. I choose every product carefully, making sure to find the best quality and price points. If I don't like it, I don't want anyone wearing it. It's vital that a woman is confident in the quality of the products she is putting on her skin. We are all unique and our tastes are always evolving. One day we want glitter and the next we choose matte. I say, 'Have it all!'. It makes us interesting. The mystery of a women.

Growing up in a French city and spending summers in the south of France, I have learned women's tastes from different cultures. Now living in Miami for the past decade,I have experienced other cultures and have carefully built a cosmetics line, giving women color, style, and new trends. I look forward to expanding Lucky Palm Beach, growing the company and empowering women through beauty. I will leave you with my favorite quote, which roughly translates to, 'Women are naturally beautiful, but makeup creates the masterpiece'. 'Chaque femme a son beaute naturalle, c'est le maquillage qui creer le chef- doeuvre.'